the domme of the carolinas

Mistress Marie:   The.Domme.of.the.Carolinas.

Since opening Her Domicile in 2005, Mistress Marie has become The Domme of the Carolinas.  The revolving door of Mistresses who are here today and gone tomorrow does not allow for a submissive to build the level of trust and understanding that is established between a Mistress and Her submissive, which grows over time.  As Mistress Marie becomes more involved with a submissive and the submissive becomes more comfortable with his/her Mistress, the experiences will become more intense, more satisfying and will allow Mistress Marie to take a submissive to the ultimate height of pain and pleasure.  While limits are always respected, She will be able to push those limits to the brink, allowing a submissive to reach unbelievable levels of fulfillment.